Manufacturing & Industrial Engineering

Why Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering?

Improve operational processes with the resources you already have. Efficiently produce more products and services with the same staff, space, time and money.

We Offer:

  • New facility and production floor layout
  • Existing facility layout and optimization
  • Warehouse equipment and slotting optimization
  • Work measurement, standards, planning and scheduling
  • Material handling, flow, storage and inventory control
  • Work station design and ergonomics
Warehouse Inventory and Optimization

ProSolve can reclaim valuable space in your facility by as much as 50%, improve labour efficiency by 15%, and increase the safety of your warehousing operations.

Are you running out of space to efficiently store and retrieve your inventory? Learn more about slotting and benefits of warehouse optimization.
Facility Layout

ProSolve develops innovative layout and process improvements that enable clients to extend the lifespan of their existing facilities using lean principles, Systematic Layout Planning (SLP), and industry leading best practices.

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Your facility requirements and growth projections are analysed. Design solutions are then developed through the following approach:

  • Determine if your existing facility can be re-designed to accommodate growth plans without the need for more space or expansion.
  • Design an efficient new facility layout specifically optimized for flow, storage, and productivity.
  • Work systematically through a design development process that guarantees excellent results.
  • Ensure specific industry, process, and equipment needs are satisfied.
  • Save unnecessary investment expenses by recommending cost and space saving opportunities.
There are many constructive reasons to design a new layout or redesign your existing layout:

  • Immediately free up more space in your existing facility to improve efficiency and provide for growth;
  • Plan a move into a new facility to accommodate the growth of your business;
  • Correct bottlenecks and flow issues that consistently interfere with your productivity and profitability;
  • Incorporate Lean concepts that help businesses operate productively and potentially save millions of dollars in capital and / or operating costs.
Process Modelling and Simulation

We can model your shop, plant, facility or warehouse process to examine where improvements should occur, without a trial and error approach. You can see your processes in action before you implement changes that will deliver the best results. 

Process modelling and simulation is a powerful tool that will improve any process in any industry.
Process Design and Optimization

Using a wide array of Lean and Industrial Engineering methodologies, ProSolve works with you to understand, analyze, and improve your processes, resulting in less waste and increased profitability. You will become more competitive in the marketplace and attract more business when your costs are lower.

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ProSolve’s Industrial Engineers can work with you to immediately begin optimizing your processes.

  • Achieve higher productivity and throughput
  • Improve quality and reduce waste
  • Increase flexibility and reduce lead time
  • Satisfy customers and increase profitability
ProSolve applies a wide variety of Industrial Engineering and Lean tools to improve client processes, including:

  • 5S & Visual Factory
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Bottleneck Analysis
  • Line Balancing
  • Cellular Manufacturing
  • Single-Piece Flow
  • Standardized Work
  • Time & Motion Study
  • Static Modelling
  • Dynamic Modelling
  • Linear / Nonlinear Programming & Optimization
  • Discrete Event Computer Simulation
Transportation and Logistics

When you become aware of the need to operate efficiently and effectively, your delivery and transportation of products comes under much more scrutiny. When you provide and / or use transportation services, you must be able to deliver reliably and on time.

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In an increasingly global marketplace, businesses must be able to respond quickly to customer demands. You must be able to provide the right product, in the right quantity, at the right time, at the right place, and in the right condition. We specialize in the following areas of transportation and logistics:

  • Network capacity analysis, modelling, and planning;
  • Tariff information management for the purpose of rate and service comparison and optimization;
  • Pick-up and delivery route boundary definition and stop sequencing;
  • Distribution centre location, sizing, and customer zoning;
  • Determination of fleet size, mix, and allocation;
  • Integration of inbound and outbound transportation with internal production and warehousing operations;
  • Optimization of shipping and receiving processes.
Considering changes to your processes?

ProSolve can help you make the right changes to increase efficiency and profitability.