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  • ProSolve Consulting Ltd. serves its clients with expertise and experience in the areas of Operations Management, Industrial Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering.
  • ProSolve will optimize your management systems and business processes and provide guidance to achieve Operational Excellence. This is accomplished through standardization, waste reduction and employee empowerment regardless of your organization’s industry or size.
  • With over 100 years of combined experience, we will help you prioritize your needs, identify opportunities for improvement, and establish an action plan to achieve positive and cost-effective results. We work with you and provide tools to establish strategic and realistic goals, lean manufacturing tools, and training to ensure your success.


To serve people and organizations with innovative, professional services, which satisfy their needs, generate results, add value, improve quality of life and benefit the society in which we live.


To develop and transform organizations and their operations for sustainable growth and improvement of the environments in which people work.


Internationally competitive and productive organizations that achieve more output using fewer resources, where people enjoy their work and experience a higher standard of living.


Our productivity experts and industrial engineers help you cut costs by identifying and eliminating waste, not people. ProSolve’s Lean services improve your operation, increase profit, grow your business, reduce stress and save time. ProSolve’s mechanical engineers design new products, establish welding processes, improve existing products, develop and enhance product specifications, and prepare submissions for regulatory approval.

Our History

Since 1987, we’ve been helping organizations achieve operational excellence and high profitability.

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ProSolve Consulting Ltd. was incorporated in 1987 as an industrial engineering and operations management consulting firm. Its founder, David Hall, recognized the demand for professional engineering and operations management services for the manufacturing and industrial services industries.

David quickly realized that organizations had a strong need for quality management services. He researched quality – a key element of his past accomplishments – and developed ProSolve’s capability to create, implement, maintain, audit and improve operations management systems using ISO standards for quality and safety requirements across a wide range of industries. His research also led to the concept, later trademarked, for a highly successful training program, “Understanding Quality,” which is still offered today with fresh, current content.

As early as 1989, David responded to the need for improvements to the competitiveness of Canadian businesses in world markets, and he organized and led a series of manufacturing conferences for Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest – “Quality, People and Technology.” The success of these conferences established ProSolve as a leader in the manufacturing industry. As its industrial engineering and operations management business grew, ProSolve continued to provide meaningful leadership with Lean implementation, education and conferences in the early 2000s.

ProSolve expanded its offerings with the introduction of mechanical engineering services in the late 1990s to serve a growing need for design engineering of highway tanks for the transportation of dangerous goods. As a Transport Canada registered facility, ProSolve is recognized as a reliable resource in the design and modification of highway tanks and cargo units, from individual parts to entire units.

Today, ProSolve continues to provide professional, integrated solutions that deliver operational, strategic and financial benefits to its clients. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business flourish.



Our Leader

David Hall, President

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