Waste can be found from the highest level of an organization to an extra step taken on the shop floor. ProSolve focuses on eliminating waste through standard Industrial Engineering practices.


We provide Industrial Engineering solutions in the following ways:

New Facility and Production Floor Layouts
  • Right-size the production floor to meet new capacity goals.
  • Establish floor layouts to fit the process and minimize motion.
  • Optimize production with the floor space and equipment available.
  • Design infrastructure needed to support the process.
Existing Facility Layout and Optimization
  • Use Lean implementation practices to define processes and value-added activities.
  • Apply Systematic Layout Planning and industry best practices for facility layouts.
  • Use Time and Motion Studies to balance the production process.
  • Eliminate waste by bringing common processes together.
  • Increase variability and reduce set-up times through Single Minute Exchange of Die practices.
  • Reclaim shop floor space so production can increase when needed.
Warehouse Equipment and Slotting Optimization
  • Ensure the right inventory is available in the proper place, at the right time, with the right shelving and equipment.
  • Maximize the use of available space through slotting optimization techniques.
  • Use Min/Max controls and visual controls to maintain proper stock levels.
Work Measurement, Standards, Planning and Scheduling
  • Complete Time and Motion studies to eliminate non-value-added steps.
  • Standardize the shop floor so training is minimal and work force is flexible.
  • Use planning techniques to ensure a job has the desired outcome.
  • Level Schedule the shop floor to use resources properly and minimize variability in workload.
Material Handling, Flow of Product and Inventory Control
  • Ensure material is delivered to the right place at the right time.
  • Establish material flow through the production line to minimize WIP and reduce the cost of unplanned quality issues.
  • Match the inventory levels to meet production needs at the right purchasing cadence.
Work Station Design and Ergonomics
  • Ensure employees are working most efficiently and safely to avoid injury.
  • Design work stations to eliminate non-value-added motion.
  • Design work stations to minimize joint stress and repetitive motion injuries.
Process Design and Simulation
  • Use Lean and Industrial Engineering methodologies to eliminate waste in any process.
  • Develop digital twins of processes and operations to manage and decide on the best changes, improvements or facility expansion alternatives.
  • Use modelling techniques for your shop floor, entire facility, or warehouse to examine where waste can be eliminated without trial and error.
Transportation and Logistics
  • Ensure product is received or delivered reliably and on time, just in time.