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Design Products
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Increase Production
Reduce Costs and Wastes
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Project Planning
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ProSolve Consulting Ltd. is an operations management and engineering practice that optimizes processes and systems to help organizations achieve operational excellence and high profitability. Regardless of your organization’s industry or size, ProSolve’s consultants will help you assess your operating strengths and weaknesses, as well as identify opportunities to formulate an action plan to yield positive results. We work with you to set and meet goals in a realistic way, and we provide the expertise, tools, education and training to ensure success.


To serve people and organizations with innovative, professional services, which satisfy their needs, generate results, add value, improve quality of life and benefit the society in which we live.


To develop and transform organizations and their operations for sustainable growth and improvement of the environments in which people work.


Internationally competitive and productive organizations that achieve more output using fewer resources, where people enjoy their work and experience a higher standard of living.


Our productivity experts and industrial engineers help you cut costs by identifying and eliminating waste, not people. ProSolve’s Lean services improve your operation, increase profit, grow your business, reduce stress and save time. ProSolve’s mechanical engineers design new products, establish welding processes, improve existing products, develop and enhance product specifications, and prepare submissions for regulatory approval.

How We’ve Helped Our Clients

of dollars in savings & reduced costs

trained in understanding quality

of dollars in increased revenues

of organizations optimized

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