Business Process Improvement
ISO Standards
Lean Facilitation
Management Systems
Organization Design


Facilities Planning
Lean Services & Six Sigma
Production Planning and Inventory Control
Warehouse Design
Work Measurement and Design


Conceptual Designing and Prototyping
Product Design
Drafting and 3D Modelling
Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
Highway Tanks
Regulatory Compliance

ProSolve has the expertise, knowledge and leadership to effectively develop and implement the business processes and management systems you need to increase your productivity, reduce costs and generate high returns. Our focus is a scaleable solution to eliminate waste to add overall value without increasing head count.

We will meet you to discuss how your organization can meet its goals.

Our knowledge and expertise in Lean Manufacturing, Quality Systems Management, Environmental Management, and Six Sigma will allow your organization to provide products or services with lower costs, higher quality, and on time.

Our Commitment

  • ProSolve will improve your Operational Effectiveness.
  • ProSolve will reduce your costs and thus increase your profits.
  • ProSolve will help you establish long term solutions and positive results.
  • With your commitment, ProSolve will not let you fail.