Operations Management

Your Solution for Operational Excellence

Is your organization doing well, but you know you could do better?

We have the expertise, knowledge and leadership to help you:

  • Improve business processes
  • Implement management systems
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce costs and waste
  • Increase profitability
  • Continually improve
  • Increase business value

ProSolve’s proven process and approach delivers operational excellence.  We work with your team to provide solutions—combined with our project management skills—to ensure that your project is done efficiently and effectively.  ProSolve uses an operations management and Lean framework to establish excellence in your business and its operation.

ProSolve’s solutions include:

Management Systems
  • Establish the right Operations Management System to sustain quality and performance.
  • Deliver action plans and manage projects to meet the requirements of Standards.
  • Provide auditing and assessment services.
  • Guide compliance with various Standards.
Lean Implementation
  • Provide leadership and facilitation for team improvement.
  • Provide a tool box of lean practices and techniques.
  • Establish a lean culture.
  • Continuously eliminate waste and add value.
Metric-Driven Management
  • Align with strategic objectives.
  • Determine the most effective changes to meet goals.
  • Measure the right variables for the right reasons.
  • Respond to trends before they become problems.
Establish Tools for Effective Operations
  • Evaluate production performance.
  • Allocate resources.
  • Set a daily priority.
  • Plan and schedule production.
Project Management
  • Manage projects for capital, operating or process improvements.
  • Establish and achieve project goals.
  • Deliver results within budget, on time, and at the highest level of quality.
Business System (ERP/MRP) Implementation and Improvement
  • Select the right software to get the most out of your system.
  • Input proper data for the desired output.
  • Prepare usable reports with only the information required.
  • Provide management resources in a time of need.
Digital Transformation
  • Provide a process and direction to lead and make the transformation.
  • Convert a paper-based system into a paperless solution.
  • Provide working applications of technology
  • Apply tools for industrial transformation.
Workshops and Training
  • Focus on your specific needs on site.
  • Provide interactive and engaging training and workshops.
  • Ensure participants can apply what they learn.