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ProSolve provides you with the experience and technical expertise to integrate the most effective and proficient Lean tools into any operation in any industry. We review and analyze your business processes, and put into action the most effective Lean practices and tools into your Lean implementation plan.

LEAN COACHING ProSolve delivers Lean coaching customized directly for client needs. We review all business processes, and analyze areas where waste and inefficiencies are taking place.

SIX SIGMA ProSolve guides you through the six sigma process – DMAIC: – Define – Measure – Analyze – Improve – Control. Six Sigma is a systematic method of eliminating defects from a product or process. It incorporates project management methodologies, statistical analysis techniques, and the best practices of other quality tools. Six Sigma compliments the results of an effective quality management system.


Benefits of Lean

Highly productive companies thrive, even during difficult business conditions. They keep costs under control and become more competitive while making significant improvements in processes and workforce productivity. Lean offers significant benefits that include:

    • Improved material handling
    • Inventory reduction
    • Quality improvement
    • Lower unit costs
    • Efficient scheduling
    • Increased capacity / throughput
    • Reduction in lead time to the customer
    • Personnel and customer satisfaction

Benefits of Six Sigma

Reducing process variation improves both processes and products, reduces errors and defects, and increases value to the customer. Higher levels of customer satisfaction lead to more product demand with increasing sales and revenue.


At the start of each assessment, ProSolve defines the scope of the assessment first. This ensures attention is given to the proper areas, based on your company’s specific needs and goals. ProSolve performs assessments on a single work area, a department, or your entire organization. It can include physical processes (e.g. production, material handling, storage), and information-based processes (e.g. paperwork, measurement, reporting), or both.

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Lean Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing produces valuable results for your company and all stakeholders. ProSolve develops, introduces and implements Lean practices within a broad range of manufacturing industries.

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