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ProSolve Bolsters Team with New Leadership and Experience

David Hall, President, ProSolve Consulting Ltd., is pleased to announce that Greg Hastings joined the ProSolve Team on May 21, 2019.  Greg brings 30 years of leadership and manufacturing experience to ProSolve, to fulfill the role as Vice President, Operations Management, leading Operations Management and Industrial Engineering projects for clients.

Greg comes to ProSolve from Portland, Oregon where he was most recently the Quality and Continuous Improvement Manager for Ran Tech Engineering and Aerospace Inc. He has spent the last 10 years in the aerospace industry.

Previously, he held leadership positions in the semiconductor, factory automation, and transportation industries. Greg is a leader in Lean Manufacturing where in different organizations he adopted a Lean culture, concepts and practices. Greg also chaired the High Desert Enterprise Consortium, which enabled over 20 companies in the Central Oregon area to take Lean courses, to enable learning tours of companies, and to provide outside insight into large, lean transformation programs.

Allister MacIsaac continues his leadership with ProSolve in the role of Vice President, Business Development. Allister will continue to focus on client relationship management, new project developments, marketing, and business leadership for the organization.

Since 1987, ProSolve continues to provide services and deliver value to its clients in three areas:  Operations Management, Industrial Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering.  Skilled and experienced team members provide leadership and project management in the areas of Process Improvement, Lean Manufacturing, Organizational Development, Management Systems (Quality, Environmental, OH & S to satisfy ISO and AS series of Standards), Six Sigma, Facilities Planning, Production Planning, Inventory Control, Time and Motion Studies, Product Design Engineering, Transportation Regulatory Compliance (CSA B620), 3D modeling, and Finite Element Analysis.  All services are driven to provide operational excellence and comprehensive solutions for every client.

Find more information about ProSolve’s leadership team, see

David Hall

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Allister MacIsaac

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What is Slotting?

Slotting is a process to allocate storage locations and space for different skus in warehouse inventory. Slotting many skus in their correct places results in faster stock selection times, higher productivities, and greater satisfaction for customers.

There are many indicators that your current product slotting may need attention, including:

  • Inefficient use of storage space;
  • Excessively large facilities and high facility costs;
  • No space to accommodate new SKUs;
  • Low productivity of order picking and replenishment operations;
  • Frequent ergonomic related injuries.


There are three main types of information required to perform a slotting optimization:

  • SKU Information – Information related to the dimensions, weight, demand, and other characteristics of the SKUs in inventory.
  • Storage Information – Information related to the existing (or desired) configuration of the storage equipment, pick zones, and pick paths.
  • Slotting Rules – Definition of the criteria used to determine the improved slotting plan.


With efficient slotting to improve your warehouse operations, you can:

  • Avoid the cost of moving to a larger facility to handle more SKUs or higher inventory levels;
  • Compress the footprint required by your existing operation, creating free space for other value-added activities;
  • Improve the productivity and ergonomics of your order picking and replenishment processes.
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